Before computers were friendly and usable, the geeks among us loved the asterisk.  Forgotten by most, it shares a flat with number “8” on the northern row of the keyboard.  As a wildcard for filenames, file extensions, and directories, the asterisk was – and still is – a great way to list, find, move, and copy files if … Continue reading

Twas the Day Before the Fourth

Twas the Day Before the Fourth

Twas the day before the fourth and all through the yard Every creature was stirring, the kids worked so hard The lawn nicely mowed, not a weed could you find Four grills were out back, right under the pine The children wrapped streamers in blue and in red While Brookdale soda bottles danced in their heads … Continue reading

How to Host a Memorial Day Flag Raising Service

For many years, my father-in-law, Bob White, hosted a Memorial Day flag raising ceremony in his front yard.  It was a big neighborhood event – especially when my wife, Katie, was young.  Kids decorated their bikes for the block-long parade, Dick Weigel played Taps from behind the big pine tree, and Bob gave a combination Bob Hope stand-up routine/ode … Continue reading

A Poem for Gert

Nine is the number for me When I say it, it gives me such glee! It starts with an “N” And ends with and “E” And it’s three times as fun as a three My order of birth is a nine Which explains this fixation of mine Celia is eight Which is one short of great … Continue reading

Less Silly, More Substance

May 16, 2011 Trump is out, which is good news for Republicans because his departure makes the GOP less silly.  The operative word is “less” because we Republicans need a candidate that can mount a serious, grown-up alternative to Obama. Let’s face it.  This is an uphill battle.  Barring some disastrous scandal or the economy going in … Continue reading

Letters and Essays

This page includes some of my published  letters and essays.  “Beeline” was my first and one of my favorites.  Puns may be the lowest form of humor, but they’re still funny.

Faithful Friends

The setting of Faithful Friends is northern New Jersey and its a story about two old friends who survived World War II, love baseball and continue to support each other as they grow old.

Haikus Around Harriet

Lake Harriet is a beautiful city lake located a few miles from downtown Minneapolis.  It teems with life all four seasons and it just may be the perfect setting for a 3-mile walk.  Haikus Around Harriet is a series of Haikus, each of which is a snippet of conversation – and life – as strangers cross paths.  (Hint:  The footnotes, located just south … Continue reading